School Spirit

It's been a long time since I've used the words "school spirit" and meant them for myself. However, next week I will be starting college to study for my degree in Art Education. It's taken me a long time narrow down exactly what it is I want to do when I 'grow up' but some personal experiences over the past few years have helped me narrow it down...

I truly enjoyed my time guest teaching a jewelry class at our local high school a few years ago but it was the recent experience of donating excess jewelry supplies to a woman's shelter that was the final deciding factor. The reason being that I offered to guest teach there, knowing full well there was no way I could step foot inside without a teaching degree under my belt. And so the search began for an accredited online University.

I believe my final choice of going with the Academy of Art University is a great one and I'm excited to be starting my first classes next week. I'm sure it will be a long haul with many lessons learned along the way but in the end I hope to be better equipped to contribute toward art in the future ~ that and a more stable income wouldn't be bad either.

I know there are several friends out there in blogland who've expressed an interest in having me post about assignments and so I will do my best to include a posting here and there about current projects and such.

My new venture coupled with our family relocating this coming spring will keep the faeries and me excessively busy over the next few months and so I will be cutting back on custom order projects ~ taking them on a direct contact basis. In the meantime, my repertoire of free and low cost blog themes and elements will still be here for the taking and hopefully I'll have time to post a new theme here and there.


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