Digital Collage Sheets... who me??

So, here's something that doesn't rely of online image hosting... Digital Collage Sheets ~ Yay!

Yes, I've finally decided to try my hand with a few designs. It's something I've had a... well.. hankering for, I guess, and so I decided to finally jump in and give it a try.

Now there's no doubt mine are a little different than the norm and hopefully that will be appealing to collage artists, not to mention I like the idea of not stepping on any toes, if you know what I mean. I truly admire so many digital collage artists and house links to many of their blogs under the "freebies" section in my right sidebar.

I'm still in the process of creating and tweaking a few sheets but there are a handful currently making their debut in my Etsy shop and so for the next 24 hours they're all on sale ~ buy one get on free. Simply check out with one, and let me know which sheet you want for free in the "Note to Seller" section - I'll send you both ~ how fun!

Oh and please... if you create something with them I'd love to see your work~ that's the best part!


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