New Themes - Weather Fun

It seems nearly impossible to listen to the news these days without hearing about some catastrophic weather phenomenon and mega-storms seem to be common place anymore. It seems the days of longing for a quiet rainy afternoon to snuggle up with a good book or an old movie might be a thing of the past. Any so my heart's felt a bit melancholy lately, with perhaps a splash of whimsy, and so I've created two new themes with fun 'weather patterns' of their own...

Stormy Weather


Sunnyside Up

These new themes are perfect for those between holiday themes when you just want something different. Both feature free backgrounds and sidebar tags and coordinating banners are available through my shop for the cost of a gourmet beverage ~ only they last alot longer ~ yumm!

I'm also introducing coordinating post dividers and have created a new tutorial to walk you through the installation. I'll be debuting more post dividers in the near future and you can find a new section in my Elements area for all the latest coordinating styles.

And don't forget, if you're looking to round out your PrL theme, blog signatures and other coordinating goodies can always be purchased through the Blogging section of my shop...


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