One Thing Leads to Another - new backgrounds & theme

It's funny how one thing leads to another in my creative world ~ a visitor contacted me recently, she was looking through my plain backgrounds for something to coordinate with one of my Spring banners and wanted my assistance. Not seeing anything there myself I decided to whip up a few new backgrounds... several hours later I'd given birth to a new blog theme. Sometimes it's like that though, and I know many of you experience the same thing ~ it's just the way our creative juices flow.

That said, I've created two new plain backgrounds Vintage Spring and Whispers of Spring which coordinate with their counterpart themes. These new additions will reside in the "Just Backgrounds" section of my site and are a perfect alternative for those who prefer a simpler background design.

The new theme I created began innocently as another plain background itself, titled Parlourside...

...but I was enjoying working with the patterns and colors so much I just couldn't help myself and had to add some lovely black elements to compliment those bright yellows and so Parlourside was born...

You can view all the pieces for this new theme by clicking the image or title above and it will take up permanent residence in the "Complete Themes" section of my blog.

The plain background can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding image and can be found in the "Just Backgrounds" section.


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