♫Happy Birthday D♫

Today is my hubby's Birthday~

You know... that guy who works so hard in the background ~ ensuring my computer is performing in tip-top shape so I can continue creating pretty things and helping others...

...the same guy who heads off everyday facing the elements (and believe me, in Western PA we have elements), so I can work comfortably from home (no, not always in PJs ~ honest)...

...that same guy who on every day off works tirelessly on his masters degree in Business yet still manages to find time to hit most of the items on my seemingly endless "honey-do" lists...

... like so many guys he's got his flaws but this guy works so hard and makes a real difference everyday for our little family, so here's a heartfelt thanks to him for all he does and some very big wishes for a year ahead filled with dreams come true!

.*Happy Birthday*.


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