Catching Up

My week of catch up has begun now that the hubby is off to his new job. His time at home with us wasn't all worry and stress though ~ after landing the new job, he got to work on that honey-do list I mentioned before and managed to scratch off a pretty big item for me...

He built another trellis for the front of our house and I just love it! We put one up last spring on the side of our front porch (pictured below) and the Sweet Peas & Morning Glories have really taken it over. Since we're not used to being city dwellers it serves as a lovely natural barrier between us and the neighbor's house that stands six feet away. The new trellis measures a whopping 8 x 8 feet so it's anchored directly into the base of our porch. I just can't wait to see it filled up with green foliage and sweet smelling flowers!

I have some new custom orders to share with you later in the week and I really need to find time to create that vintage back-to-school theme that's been rumbling around my mind. In the meantime I hope you all have a wonderful and safe week ~ stay dry & warm!


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