Drumroll, please.... husband found a job! I know, isn't that just the craziest?!? Not only did he find a job, but it's better than the one he lost, hah! Where he once had a 2 hour a day commute, he'll now be working 10 minutes from home ~ the pay is less but he'll save on all that fuel, cha-ching! He'll work less hours, spend less money, and be home more with us more, whoot!

Of course we're immensely (mind blowingly) thankful! And who do we have to thank?? Well, all of you ~ for all your amazing prayers, well wishes, candles, dear thoughts, etc. Yep, you my sweet blogging friends are the best, and we just couldn't thank all of you and the powers that be for this amazing change and wonderful opportunity.

For now, he gets a mini vacation until he starts next week, and even though that really translates into an extensive "honey-do list", he's happy to work around the house and it's a welcome break from the whirlwind week we've just experienced. So, I just wanted to share the news and say yet another... yep, wait for it...

Wishing you all as wonderful weekend~

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