While We Wait ~ a recipe

My husband's had some promising leads for work already this week and so we're currently playing the waiting game. To take a break from the stress I like to play in the kitchen sometimes, plus it helps save money and keeps us eating healthy too.

My husband used to have a bit of a weight problem, probably brought on by those 'hearty' farm meals he grew up with and the high school job he held at a local pizzeria. Whatever the case, he's managed to loose a good bit of weight over the past few years and one of his favorite weight loss tools has been my homemade salsa. He loves it because he can eat loads of it with a few tortilla chips and gain little weight.

Here's the recipe which I've created as an image so you can easily click to enlarge and either save it to your computer or print it out.

Personally I can't eat super spicy foods since I had my gallbladder out a few year back, so the basic recipe works great for me. The nice thing is it can be easily altered for hotter taste buds by simply adding more chili powder, garlic, or even a few hot peppers for a really spicy version. During the holidays I like making it look a bit festive by substituting green peppers for red. You can really have some fun playing with the recipe so I hope it brings a little spicy enjoyment to your day!


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