thank you~

It's tricky to know what the 'proper' response etiquette is for blog comments ~ do we post comments on our own blogs?... do we send email follow ups?... do we write a new post altogether?... I've never been quite sure, but I had to step in and say thank you so much for all the supportive comments left on my "Sometimes" post.

I just can't tell you how much you've all touched my heat and how much your thoughts, prayers, candles, and well wishes mean to our family. One of my friends asked me ~ How can you write about something so personal? How could I not. In a world where most of us struggle to fit in, we've found a place where we can all meet, share, and support one another. Blogland is a place where each day we feel akin to other creative souls.

Beyond sales, money, and material needs, your well wishes in all forms lift our spirits and give us continued hope that we'll make it through this time ~ so thank you so much for all your love and support! You truly are the nourishment that keeps this plumrose blooming♥

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