Sometimes life deals hard blows ~ they come in many forms. Yesterday's blow was that my husband lost his job. It's something we weren't prepared for and now our minds race... what will we do?... how will we get by?... can we make it?... We're still trying to catch up from our past losses and the truth is, the reserves that once were are no more.I love what I do. I love helping others. I love making pretty things. I love all of you. I realize though, that no matter how lucky I've been to have had this moment in time within the lovely gardens of Plumrose Lane, that life can hold unexpected surprises around any corner and that in the end the one constant is change.

So for now we regroup. We dust off our resumes, spruce them up a bit, and take to the streets. I don't know what that means exactly and I'm scared but I'm also hopeful. I don't believe the universe would bring us all together only to have it all fall away in a plumrose heap. I'm hopeful this closed door will be a gateway to a new beginning, to better times ahead, to happier days with less stress ~ for all of us.

So for now, my shop will stay open and I'll post & visit when I can, and hopefully before we all know it I'll be back helping and creating more than ever before.

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