Back to School

Well it's finally back-to-school time around here and this year's a little different ~ not only are my son and I returning to school but my hubby is too! Yep, he caught the school bug over the summer and has returned to college for his degree in business. He hopes to teach business ethics some day and I think he'll be great at it! I'm a bit envious of his scheduling though ~ he's on a trimester schedule so he moves through his classes much faster than me.

Still it's great to back at AAU and I'm super excited about my classes this semester ~ turns out they're related to what I do ~ Digital Illustration and Digital Tools, what a hoot! Although I know alot about the programs I use, there's always so much more to learn and one day I hope to create digital magazines like this one by House of Fifty ~ isn't it fabulous!?!

I'm also really excited because I get this amazing student discount so the required copy of Adobe Creative Suite CS5 will be dirt cheap! Me wanting this suite of programs is about the same as my hubby drooling over that new Camero he covets, so I couldn't be happier and I'll tell you ~ if I'd known school would be so economical I would have gone back years ago!

So off to school we go... our son is now in his final two years of high school and we're off too~ that much closer to our futures. What are your back to school plans? Are you sending your babes off for the first time or returning yourself? Perhaps you've decided to take one of those fabulous art classes offered by Willowing & Friends. Whatever the case you're never too young or old to learn something new so I hope your September plans bring you loads of smiles!


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