New Tutorial ~ Blog Posts on Facebook

Recently a customer contacted me with a question about whether she could add her blog posts to Facebook. Naturally I went to refer her to my handy step-by-step tutorial and was absolutely stunned to find I had never written one?!?

Setting up your blog posts to show up on your Facebook pages is easy as pie, and that's saying alot for Facebook (my arch nemesis when it comes to ease of use). So I've finally written a tutorial for adding your blog posts to Facebook and this includes both both personal profile pages as well as business pages.

I find having my blog posts show up on my Facebook profile is a great way to gain extra exposure for my postings *waves to all my FB Friends*. I do try to keep in mind though that whatever shows up in the Notes area can be viewed by everyone and their mother. This is because Facebook has it set that everything that shows up on the Notes pages is entirely public, regardless of your privacy settings so be sure to keep this in mind before moving on to this new tutorial:
How to: Setup Blog Posts on Facebook


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