Gypsy Dreams Blog Party

Well the day has finally arrived and I'm simply delighted to be a part of this fabulous event! It's the first annual Gypsy Dreams Blog Party and what fun it will be! I'm really looking forward to visiting all of the party-goer's blogs and share some of my own hidden gypsy dreams, so off we go~

From a very early age I was a magical spirit ~ I loved dressing up and letting my imagination whisk me away to enchanting places and when it came to dress up and fun, there's wasn't much I wouldn't try.

But you see, I've been a gypsy at heart since I was very young ~ wearing my scarves and beads I would sit and tell fortunes in my grandparent's living room.

Although time passed and my life has moved away from my gypsy dress up days, my heart is still filled with the dreams of creating magic and now I share that spirit of creation with all of you through my graphic designs.

So in honor of this wonderful new event, of which I'm sure there will be many more for years to come, I feel it's only fitting to have a spectacular giveaway and what's more fitting for a fabulous blog event than to share with you...

.*a free Custom Blog Theme**.

That's right! One lucky winner will be selected to receive an original one-of-a-kind custom order blog theme created just for you!

But wait ~ there's a catch... the giveaway is ONLY open to those who are participating in this Gypsy Dreams Blog Party! So for all of you fabulous gypsies out there who've signed up to participate and are listed on the sidebar of the Gypsy Dreams blog ~ leave a comment and you'll be entered to win.

And... if you're selected as the winner but already have one of my original custom blog themes, then you'll receive a gift certificate for the value of a theme ~ that's $65, to be spent on anything in my Etsy shop!

The giveaway will close at midnight on the night of the full moon (September 12th) and I will announce the winner in a follow up post here on my blog.

(Update: Gee this weekend flew by and I've only had a chance to visit a handful of party-goers so I'm extending the deadline for my own giveaway to Saturday, September 17th at midnight EST. Hopefully that will give us all more time to get around and follow up with a posting of the winner on Sunday.)

So good luck to all you lovely gypsies out there, thanks so much to Celia for hosting this wonderful event, and for all of you who are participating ~ I'm looking forward to jumping in my gypsy wagon and meeting up with you this weekend~


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