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As you are all aware that ten years ago tragedy, not only NYC and the United States, but in truth the world. Devastation rippled through out the globe as each plane struck. No doubt we can all recall where we were on this day a decade ago and we each have unique stories of how this tragic event affected our lives.

For me, my children just moved to PA from NYC a little more than a month before. The apartment we left behind had a view of the twin towers from our living room window. I remember calling my children's new schools begging that they not be told of the unfolding events until I picked them up ~ I knew full well the moment they heard the news panic would strike for their Dad who's morning train passed near the towers on his way to work each day.

We finally heard from him around 5pm that day, having gotten off the train before passing into Manhattan, he walked the streets of Brooklyn the entire way home were he could finally call us from a landline. A stressful and scary time indeed but nothing compared to all those who lost their lives and loved ones.

One memorable outcome over the days, weeks, and months that followed was the showing of patriotic pride in our county ~ I had never seen so much red, white, and blue, it was utterly moving on so many levels.

Years later I recalled those feelings when my oldest son decided to join the military ~ both scared and proud all at once. I didn't want him going off and never coming back, yet at the same time he knew the commitment he was facing and did so with honor and dignity. I couldn't have been more proud and it still makes me cry just thinking about it.

In honor of these memories and so many more; of fallen shoulders either on foreign soil or those wearing firefighting & police uniforms, I've created this theme entitled...

In Honor Of...

There are so many occasions we can use a theme like this from celebrating our nations independence to honoring our own soldiers off fighting for freedom. This theme also includes a new "Events" button in case your blog is used to coordinate Welcome Home events for returning soldiers. You can view all of the elements for this new theme by clicking the title or image just above.

I've also created two buttons to be used either independently or with the theme and I hope they bring special and personal meaning for you all. Simply copy the code below and follow this tutorial if you need help installing it on your own blog.

You Are Freedom

You Are Hero

While our country seems to have moved away from where it once stood; headstrong and in-charge of our future, what with Washington being in such disarray these days, the pride we all hold deep in our hearts for the freedom our founding fathers once fought for is as alive today as it ever was. So this theme is in honor of the freedom our hearts crave and those memories ~ be they tragedy or pride that befell a nation who still believes in the ideals it was founded on.


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