Pink for October

As many of my followers know, I've taken an active roll in Pink for October for years ~ from sponsoring giveaways to creating free images, I do what I can to help promote awareness for this essential movement each year.

Although the commercialism over recent years has become a bit disconcerting, what with so many corporations jumping on the bandwagon to participate and make a buck it can be very disheartening but, remembering my own Mother's fight and loss to this tragic disease while I was growing up serves as a constant drive to continue doing all I can to help promote the fight.

This year I've added a selection of freebies from badges to backgrounds, there's something to help everyone participate across multiple social networks.

So check out the link list below to find blog buttons, Twitter backgrounds, and more. I will continue adding to this list as we move into the beginning of October and hope to have a new separate section on my blog to permanently host all these P4O freebies.

.-~*˜¨¯`¸¸`¯¨˜*~-.P4O Images.-~*˜¨¯`¸¸`¯¨˜*~-.

Twitter Backgrounds

Blog Badges

Blog Backgrounds

Wishing you all a wonderful October~

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