New Backgrounds

"It's about time" always seem to be the first words that pop into my head when I begin to write a posting about a new theme or design elements. The truth is I have so many ideas swirling around in my brain it's overwhelming sometimes ~ there's the kitchen theme, the painters (artistic) theme, the old curio theme with dancing bottles, keys, and frogs, and the list goes on. Sadly I don't have such delectable delights for you today but I do have a new selection of basic backgrounds ~I know, I know... it's just not the same but hey, there are those out there who love them and use 'em and they're sort of like trying on a new sweater ~ you know, the pretty little ones with sparkling beads and embroidery that go with anything, who doesn't love one of those!?! ;-)

So to view the complete selection of my blog backgrounds simply click on any of the images above or follow this link. They will be permanently listed in the Just Backgrounds section of my site.


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