Creative Every Day

A few years back I stumbled upon this delightfully artistic blog Creative Every Day. It's one of those sites I can get lost in ~ not only by exploring the wonderfully artistic postings but in trying to figure out that fabulous website design ~ just hover over those little signs on the top right and watch them dance ~ love that!

The site is run by Leah ~ an amazingly inspirational artist whose own work is filled to the brim with an unobstructed depth of passion and color. As easy as it is to be captivated by her beautiful creations and interactive postings, you would be missing half the fun if you didn't check out her annual Creative Every Day Challenge.

Each month Leah hosts a new theme where artists can participate by creating and posting within the month's challenge title. The best part is you can participate as little or as much as you like by either posting once for the monthly theme or checking-in weekly, so it fits within every schedule. Because the theme is based on a concept you can always work within your own comfort zone or be challenged to stretch out and try something new. And the best part isn't just posting about your own creations but visiting all the other creative souls who are participating as well ~ what a great way to find new creative ideas and certainly my personal fav!

So if you're interested in a little inspiration throughout the year and wish to participate you can signup here. And you can look for my own submissions as I strive to work in the monthly challenge themes into one new prefab blog theme each month throughout the year.


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