Customer Shout Outs

It feels like ages since I had a chance to give a fitting shout-out to some of my customer's and the custom themes we worked on together. I always say it's a dual process because they open up and allow me to tap into their persona and the elements they love most, so to me it's truly a sharing process.

While I still have many projects I'm currently working on I wanted to showcase a few of the ones I've finished over the past few months, so without further adieu here they are~

Adventures of the Striped Stockings - seasonal theme

One of my most recent creations was this seasonal theme created for Celia of Adventures of the Striped Stockings. Celia explained what she was looking for and quite honestly neither of us new how I was going to pull this off but fortunately 'the powers that be' aligned this project with last semester's classes and I actually learned some of the techniques while working on this project such as in the case of the wind blow striped stockings I created in Illustrator. All-in-all we both love this theme and the seasonal magic it brings to life.

Fifth Grade Fun - A "Shore" Thing

Another fun theme was this seaside inspired theme created for Krystal. Krystal first found my work through one of my original Etsy shop designed and wanted to continue that theme onto her blog. Through this project it came to light that breast cancer awareness and pink were also vitally important to Krystal and so I incorporated the pink ribbon into her images as well. It's a lovely whimsical theme that works perfectly for this seaside based teacher and mom.

Rabbit Hole Art - giveaway winner

Last but certainly not least we have Melanie of Rabbit Hole Art. Melanie was the winner of my Gypsy Dreams Giveaway and won a free custom blog theme. I'm always excited about these type of projects because I believe everything happens for a reason and so I was super excited to see where this theme might lead us. As expected it was down a wonderful magic path that led to this delightfully playful and personally whimsical theme.

So, thanks so much for perusing these designs which will take up permanent residence in the portfolio section of my blog. Do take the time to stop by and visit each one if you can ~ these little snapshots never quite do the themes justice ~ and you'll be stumbling onto more loveliness created by truly wonderful indie souls!


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