Sound of a Smirk ~ She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

One of the recent projects I had the immense pleasure of working on was my son's first CD "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" by his musical name "Sound of a Smirk".

Jesse has his own Facebook page for Sound of a Smirk and you can view his promotional video about the album here:

His CD is available for purchase at any of his live shows, where you can also pick up a t'shirt and the is available for purchase online by clicking the image below:

Of course the word "proud" doesn't even begin to express the depth of emotion I have for my son and his amazing innate musical abilities and the sheer amount of personal work and drive he's put into this project. He truly has lived the mantra "do a little bit each day toward what you love and before you know it...".

But beyond the usual proud-momma stance, I am also immensely impressed with the personal growth he's experienced through this journey as he continues to be an immense inspiration to all of us who have the honor of calling him family.

Namaste' Jesse~

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