Seasonal Goodies

I was just updating the seasonal goodies section on my sidebar when I realized that Valentines Day must be one of my favorite days of year since to my surprise I have more blog themes for this day than any other seasonal celebration! Isn't it funny when we discover something about ourselves we didn't realize before?! I guess it shouldn't be a surprise though since I truly am one of those "can't we all just get along" types when you get right down to it.

Anyhoo... there are loads of lovely goodies to spruce up your blog for this time of year, from a selection of Valentines Day goodies to a smattering of themes to warm your heart during the colder winter months, so have a visit and peruse the offerings ~ you can find them scattered throughout the Special Occasions/Seasonal Themes or Complete Alpha Listing Themes sections or just follow the quick links listed on my sidebar under the Seasonal Goodies section title.

For those of you looking for just a simple background there's always something fabulous to be found in the Just Backgrounds section.

And for those button loving souls out there, I've got a wonderful selection of seasonal buttons just perfect for adding a little love to any corner of a blog ~ you can find them by visiting the Button Elements section of my blog.


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