Happy Birthday Little One

One year ago today our grandson was born ~ it wasn't an easy birth for his mom and he had a pretty tough go of it in the beginning, being in ICU for several weeks, but over the past year he's grown strong and is most certainly the highlight of this little family.

As with most grandchildren his antics can turn any dull day into a sheer delight ~ just check out that shirt as he stands in daddy's boot to the right...

He'll be bringing his mom and dad out in a few weeks so we can all celebrate several family birthdays together since he and our middle son were born just a few weeks apart.

They're shown together above and I'll be sure to post updated photos of cake, candles, and smiles after their visit.

Grandchildren truly are amazing ~ just when you think your heart couldn't possibly hold any more room, along comes a little one that manages to crawl right in and find the perfect spot among all those we love so much ~ what a blessing indeed!

So here's wishing our little guy a very

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