Customer Shout-Outs

If the old saying "when it rains, it pours" is true then baby it's been a monsoon around here! These past few months I've been absolutely drowning in custom work. Of course I'm immensely thankful for the projects but I can't deny the thought of acquiring a clone has crossed my mind a few times. After all, there are only so many hours in a day, but in the end I'm fortunate because I get to do what I love and make others happy ~ simply priceless.

These posts are always my most favorite and I know I've said this so many times before but I'm honestly immensely blessed to have the most amazing customers ever! Creative... caring... imaginative... they're all sheer delights in their own right. So now, let me introduce you to the newest happy customers here at Plumrose Lane...

Queenie BelieveThe fabulous theatrical theme created for Queenie of Always, Queenie Believe was a process that took place over many, many months. Beginning with an inspiring customer vision I worked to modify her ideas into a workable blog theme and we are both simply thrilled with the final outcome. From the delightful stage packed with personal delights to the interactive footlights that light up with each sweep of your mouse, we worked hand-in-hand to bring Queenie's beautiful vision to life.
Next up is this whimsical theme created for Faeries in my Garden. This wonderful crafting blog is jam-packed with such delightful creations that in the end they were the inspiration behind this fitting backdrop. This theme encompasses an assortment of delights including a small fairy, up in the left side of the banner, who's just opened a small vellum envelope packed with paper butterflies ~ setting them free to take flight you can see them fluttering about throughout the theme.
Fiorella Designs
Flo of Fiorella Designs selected a Parisian Boudoir style for her business theme and it's so lusciously delightful. The background took special attention as I created the tucked taffeta by hand and added tiny shell buttons for an additional sense of dimension. The selection of vintage style frames lay in waiting to be filled with Flo's beautiful painted creations.
Flo also selected additional business images for her Facebook page and indie shop where the original theme was successfully modified and carried over to create an elegant backdrop to her gorgeous handmade creations.
Moonlit HerbalsAnd last up we have this whimsical selection created for the Moonlit Herbals Etsy shop. This set included a selection of magickal images including a business card and all featuring the customer's favorite colors and elements, setting an enchanting backdrop to her delicious earthy handmade creations.

I do hope you've enjoyed this little customer shout-out and take the time to visit each of these wonderful souls ~ truly delightful treasures in this world! And keep your eyes open for more customer shout-outs in the coming weeks, including a Tuna Fisherman ~ yes, you heard me correctly ~ what a hoot! In the meantime, here's wishing you all creative trails!


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