The Inner Workings

My son and I were perusing websites last night having a wonderful conversation all about movement, html coding, and Flash. I know, I know... it sounds really boring and technical until you hear about the possibilities...

Case in point ~ Imagine this lovely banner from the Always, Queenie Believe theme 'coming to life'...

Scrolling your mouse over objects on the stage they would appear to light-up or hovering over the title ~ applause and cheering could be heard coming to a crescendo and then fading off in the distance.

I have this personal wishlist of skills that my mind drools over ~ like this Flash based banner on my friend Rainey's blog or the whimsical drama created when you move your mouse over this heading found on the Dezignus blog ~

go ahead, try it... it's fun to play!

These concepts really aren't that far off from the section of footlights I created to light-up just below Always, Queenie Believe's banner but the skill set to achieve them lay just outside my current abilities.

I honestly don't see these dreams as any different than my friends who are planning their gardens to bloom at just right time throughout the season or the three dimensional scrapbooking technique they just haven't had time to explore yet. They're all daydreams that fill our minds while standing at the kitchen window sipping our morning coffee with no squirrels in sight. *sigh*

For now they may remain a smattering of daydreams my mind drools over in excitement but who knows ~ one day you may just see one of my banners come to life on a blog near you (or even yours). Wishing you all a wonderful weekend~


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