New Customer Shout Outs

As promised I have a few more customer shout outs to share with you. These projects were especially unique in that each one stretched my skills and abilities but in the end we're all super happy with the results so here they are...
Created for a wonderful non-profit organization this theme took several turns during it's creation but in the end the customer selected to go with a look reminiscent of Maxfield Parrish's beautiful painting by the same title. The trickiest part about this theme was creating the lanterns from scratch but I absolutely love the final outcome and their luminescent appearance.
Next up is this Etsy shop set and ad button created for Beyond the Lillypad. For this project the customer was looking for something detailed and whimsical, much like the butterfly image in my banner originally for Good Morning Butterfly and so this theme took on a life of it's own as the various images and techniques were 'sewn together' to create an other-worldly environment.
The last item up is this blinkie button I created for Memory Bound. I usually don't show the many buttons and badges I create but this little guy is unique in that it's the first "blinkie" I've ever created. It doesn't seem to work in this posting but you can see it working there on my right sidebar under the Sponsors section.
I'm really excited to have learned this new technique because it opens up a whole new world of creative fun for me and adds one more item to the plethora of goodies I can offer my customers.
So that's it for this posting of customer shout-outs, thanks so much for stopping and taking a peek and I hope you'll have a chance to stop and visit all of these wonderful sites too! Until next time~