Oh Nuts...

This was the scene from our kitchen window this morning...

Now those of you who frequent my blog know that I seldom (ok, never) post random happenings but honestly... how often can someone stand in their own kitchen (urban living mind you), look out their back window and capture a neighborhood squirrel going-to-town on a discarded peanut butter jar??

I've spent a lot of time in the country, even lived on a dairy farm for a few years but I've never seen this...

Yes, that's the little guy playing can-opener with the lid ~ I didn't realize they could even do that!

And to have actually caught the whole thing on film was absolutely priceless!

The comedy doesn't stop there though... it wasn't until I began posting these that I noticed the second little guy in the background ~ can you see him there in the second photo, looking on as though he'd missed the lottery? He almost looks stuffed doesn't he?!?

Honestly if it weren't for the actual photos I would have chalked the whole thing up to a delusional moment from having just pulled an all-nighter, finishing up a customer's dual banner order (think tent size), but here they are for all to see. This brought us so many smiles and laughs this morning and I sure hope it does to you too!


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