Brighter Days...

Well it's been quite a week and in the end I've learned so much ~ nothing like learning our lessons out here for all to see but really that was one of my lessons: "Wait until you know something is certain before blogging about it." *wink* I'm back to working from home and that's ok ~ while I really enjoyed so many aspects of it, that particular job wasn't meant to be.

I honestly can't thank you all enough for your support ~ both in the news of getting the job and then when I reached out for some much needed 'friend-love'. Your comments of encouragement, love, and support are always so empowering to my sometimes weary soul. I only hope I can be the same for each of you. Thank you♥

On a happier note, my Spring Giveaway is still going on through Sunday. All you really have to do is leave one comment to be entered so here's the link: I love giving treats to others (who doesn't, right?!) so please enter if you get a chance.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


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