Gift from an Angel~

I just received the most amazing 'gift'! My sweet friend Angie of Artangel has been participating in a Pay-it-Forward challenge in the month of April ~ basically she's offered a selection of her gorgeous creations for free through her Etsy shop.

Today was the last day and her offering was this gorgeous "Love" painting/collage. I'm a huge fan of my dear friend's work and have been collecting her pieces over the years.

When I heard she was offering up this gorgeous piece (one of my very favorites) as her last PIF, I just had to stalk her shop and sure enough, I got it!! Whoot!! I'm now the new owner of this fabulous Artangel creation and just couldn't be happier!!

So a huge thanks to the Angie for choosing to participate in this give-forward event and the angel who helped me click that buy button at just the right time♥ What a wonderful gift after this l-o-n-g week!

I'm sure you'll want to view more of Angie's gorgeous creations like this newly finished piece "Unwritten Poem" ...

I just love all the intricate details she includes in her work! This piece along with another will be appearing at an open exhibition in the UK this week, so here are the links to visit her blog and shop ~ & to find out more.


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