The Tuna Fisherman

I have to laugh as the title for this post seems so out-of-character for my blog but way up north in a beautiful area known as Prince Edward Island resides one of my recent customers...
You see it seems a tuna fisherman wandered into my Etsy shop one day a few weeks back and what began as a simple logo revision & business card order soon turned into a whole boatload of work! What followed were a series of projects that have taken up a good bit of my time over the past month or so ~ from a Facebook cover image to rack cards and even large display banners for print, this wonderful customer has had all sorts of interesting projects that have filled my days and a few very long nights.

The projects have been fun, challenging, and oh-so-different from my usual work but it's always great to step out of our comfort zones once in a while and dabble in unknown seas.

So if you happen to find yourself around the beautiful Prince Edward Island area, then look up Mike the fisherman from Top Notch Tuna Charters and tell him I said "hi".


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