Effervescent ~ new blog theme

I'm excited to share a new blog theme with you titled Effervescent...

This was one of those themes where the idea just 'popped' into my head and I love when that happens. It includes a collection of bubbly images with fairies, butterflies and my favorite flower ~ Hydrangeas.

This theme also offers a new intro because I'm currently working on a new tutorial covering how to use the "Template Designer" and the "Simple" template with my themes. It's a tough tutorial to write, I'm currently at 7 hours of work and over 35 images but I think it's important to work with these new aspects of Blogger. I'll make the announcement once the tutorial is completed and I hope it will be helpful to all of you who want to give these Blogger features a try.

So hope on over to view this newest theme and all the goodies that come with it ~ simply click on the title or images above and as always...


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