New School ~ Fresh Start

There's a new badge posted on my sidebar and it represents the new school I'll be attending ~ The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

I had to make some abrupt changes this past semester with my studies as I was having waaaay too much trouble balancing my work projects and classes. While on break I discovered The Art Institute and found them to be a much better fit for my schedule and college career budget.

I'm starting off slow, one class for now but that feels just fine for now. It's tough balancing everything but better to do a little of something than nothing, right?! I'll still be majoring in Graphic Design, a switch I made last semester when I realized the skills I was learning could be immediately used in my day-to-day work, whoot!

So wish me luck as I dip my toes back into the waters of education, hopefully with a fresh start and a much easier schedule things will be a bit more manageable this time around. I'll let you know~

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