New Customer Shout Outs ~

When I began putting this posting together I was absolutely amazed at how long it had been since I last wrote one of these ~ it's been over 2 months since I featured a Customer Shout Out posting!?! I honestly don't know where time goes anymore but it sure goes by at lightening speed! Wow!

It's not that I haven't been busy it just seemed to take a bit longer on some of these projects. I'm delighted to share them all with you and as always each cusotmer was an absolute delight! Watching the individual themes unfold is always an adventure too since I really don't have a clue how they will manifest until the finished project. These were all a lot of fun and some really original ideas, so without further adieu, here are some recent custom projects...

What Fresh Hell is This?

This project was a hoot and I love the final outcome. We incorporated many of this blogger's interested to come up with a theme that fit her personal style ~ one of humor laced with sarcasm; love it!

Puddin 'n Pie

For this particular banner the customer was looking to use some personal items like ladybugs and gnomes and in the end we would up with a delightfully whimsical design.

We then took the theme a step further to transition it into a functioning business card.

This indie artist originally purchased one of my prefab Etsy shop themes and wanted to carry that look over onto her blog, Facebook and Twitter pages as well as having me create a selection of custom business images for print like thank you and business cards. The finished look was elegant and enchanting all wrapped up in one.Scrappin' from the Heart

This lovely customer had a very specific idea in mind for her custom blog theme and Facebook cover image ~ she loves being creative and wanted to include the close relationship she has with her children. To accomplish this we used a selection of fairies along with a whole lotta glitter, creative supplies and hearts to reflect her connections in life.

Butterbean Vintage Boutique

This project was to create a simple yet elegant set for this seller's indie shop ~ we can up with this design for her shop and then carried it over to print for a business card.

Tracy Ellen Studio

This last project has been one I've wanted to share for quite some time ~ it was a very long project which encompassed basically everything; from a custom blog theme, to indie shop images, and a multitude of printed products including an event banner, tag images, and business cards. It was not only fun to see the original theme unfold but then to see how it transferred into each new format.

Well that's it for this latest customer shout out ~ thanks so much for taking a peak and I hope you'll take the time to click the images and titles above to be taken to the various customer locations ~ it's nice to support other indie artists. Until next time, happy blogging and as always...


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