New Sponsor ~ Angels at my Door

I'm so happy to announce a brand new sponsor here at Plumrose Lane ~ Cindy Adkins author of "Angels at my Door". I've known Cindy for awhile and she's such a lovely soul; you can't help but be captivated by her endearing heart and insightful mind!

Cindy is the author of several books on Amazon, including her bestseller "Angels at my Door". She holds a Master's Degree in Humanities and has done extensive research in the field of angel encounters, as well as those that have transpired with loved ones who have passed on. Cindy shares with us about her book that "Through reading this, I hope that people will be aware that these occurrences happen to individuals all over the world and that even though we may feel alone, there are angels watching over us."

I've personally read Cindy's book and have found to be profound, moving, and enlightening. I hope you'll take a moment to visit her Facebook page and click to "Like" so that you can keep up to date on her latest activities and publications. Be sure to stop by Amazon.com too and pick up a copy of "Angels at my Door" ~ at only $2.99 a copy how can you go wrong!?

Here's a brief video about the book...

So, here's a heartfelt welcome to my sweet friend and now sponsor Cindy ~ I have to say it's an absolute honor to have such wonderfully insightful and creative souls behind my little plumrose ~ it leaves me feeling like I'm resting on the wings of a few angels of my own.♥


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