Do you have PiNk....??

I can't deny that PiNk is in the air ~ it seems to be a ribbon winding it's way through my life at the moment and as always life has such a funny way of being ironic, you just can't help but smile and shake your head. I want to share a few recent occurrences with you but trust me ~ this isn't mean to be an "Oh dear" post as much as it's a "power in numbers" sort of thing, so here goes...

The phone rang this morning ~ the imagining center wants me to return for a second' look-see' on my recent mammogram and honestly I'm not worried. I have so many lovely survivor friends that the thought of what I watched my mom go through as a child seems prehistoric. The funny thing is I found myself on the phone with the local chapter of Susan G. Komen, requesting a voucher for that second look. Turns out my insurance ended yesterday but I got the voucher and couldn't be more thankful for services like this ~ whoot!

The next pink occurrence in my day was a small sale and low and behold if it wasn't a set of my Pink for October bookmarks ~ hmmm, I thought. Isn't that ironic.

This all makes me think about a little something I've been working on lately. Honestly it's a pretty big something for me and would mean so much but you know how it goes with sharing things before they happen... they have a way of falling apart right before your eyes. I do realize there's power in numbers though and so I'm taking a chance and sharing ~ you see there's a certain Pink for October website I'm trying to acquire. The owner who ran it a few years back hasn't had time to keep up with it and after participating in annual P4O activities I really missed it so I thought, why not try to keep the flame going myself.

It's a slow process and heaven knows I haven't a clue how I'd manage it financially but you know it's like getting that call this morning ~ you just have faith that things will be o.k. I think in a way that's what PiNk is to me ~ it's having faith... faith in my friends, faith in my own little pink flower, and faith that things just have a way of working out the way they should. So how about you... do you have PiNk?

free bookmark/tag

You can find more free P4O items by clicking here

I created this little bookmark to help you keep PiNk going in your own life. Click on the image to download this freebie bookmark/tag. If you could keep my little P4O project in your hearts and prayers too, I would really appreciate it. I can't tell you how much it would mean to keep that site going ~ for my mom, for my friends, for all of you out there like me who celebrate PiNk... and of course, I'll let you know if when it all works out.

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