P4O update~

They say if you want something done, ask someone who's busy and heaven knows that's true ~ I spent a few all-nighters on the Pink for October website last week but couldn't be happier with the progress. The site is now transferred and I've got the basic structure live so if you get a chance, hop on over to and look around ~ it's in desperate need of content but that's on it's way.

Links to the new Facebook and Twitter pages are there as well, so feel free to click and follow. More social and feed links will be coming soon. We've had some wonderful souls step up to help out with those and so many more who've offered ~ thank you, thank you, thank you!

This little project really isn't about me, it's about all of us ~ we all know someone who's fought this battle, whether it's the person we see in the mirror or someone close to our heart, so stepping outside of our routines to click a few links and write a quick post is a great way to give back and help spread the word. Just think if one little post we write motivates a friend or loved one to finally make the appointment for a mammogram they may have been putting off ~ our little effort might save the life of a mother, daughter, sister, or friend. So take the time, write a post, spread the word♥

I'm currently putting together a description and list of activities for those of you who've offered to help so you can look for that in your email sometime this week. If you only left a comment and didn't send me a personal email, it's not too late, just send out a quick message to me at and I'll be sure to add you to that mailing.


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