Full Moon

I usually take note of full moons ~ it's hard not to really, they're so beautiful and difficult to miss. The moon has always been a point of mystery to me and when I traveled gave me a sense of comfort and bearing. I remember visiting Australia and feeling horribly displaced because the moon's geography looked so different; gone was the familiar face I've seen all my life.

Do you see the"'man in the moon"? My son insists it's a dinosaur, no doubt due to a popular movie trilogy he grew up with. I've always seen the man ~ magickal and enchanting as a child and a bit sad and weary as an adult. Funny how life changes our perspective, but he's always been a familiar friend in the night sky.

Today's full moon is special too in that it's a Blue Moon ~ it's the second full moon of the month which doesn't happen very often. It also happens to fall on my brother's birthday today. We don't talk often and haven't seen each other in years but I still wish him a happy day and a wonderful year. So here's wishing him a very ♫Happy Birthday♫!


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