Got Pink?!

Have you got your pink on?  October is quickly approaching and you know what that means ~ time to "go pink" and spread the word about breast cancer awareness!  There's no better time than the present to spread the word so others can get on board too!

As many of you know I recently took over the PinkforOctober.org website and together with a lovely group of pink souls we've been working away to update the site and bring you new content. 

I've just added a fresh supply of pink badges, backgrounds, and goodies to help you turn your own blog, shop, or profile page pink for October.  You can find them listed on the "Go Pink" page at: http://pinkforoctober.org/go_pink.html

Choose from a selection of....


Facebook Covers

Twitter backgrounds
and so much more!  So stop on over and grab some pink ~ why there's even a festive selection of Halloween items for those of you who love to go goulish in October!