New Blogger Interface ~ ♪it's here...♪

I had scheduled a post about my color class for today but just learned that Blogger will be discontinuing it's old user interface in the coming days. I know this is a huge sore spot for many and a point of great concern. Over the past few months I've taken the time to get familiar with this interface and I must admit (quite begrudgingly) that it's not that bad. I found that when I sat down (cup of coffee in hand) and took - my - time looking over the new interface it was fairly easy to navigate.

Yes, those handy top tabs enveloped in a comforting shade of blue are gone...

leaving us feeling as wide open and exposed as the new side links, bobbing helplessly in a sea of white...

...but to be honest, when you stop and look them over they're fairly easy to navigate. Exploring these sidebar links you can easily find the features we all use so often when making changes and updates to our blog.

I encourage all of you to voluntarily explore the new Blogger interface over the next few days ~ it's far better than being thrust into it unwillingly and if you're like me you'll struggle a bit less. Think of it as going through all that paperwork your child brings home on the first day of school ~ it's not something you want to do but you know you should.

You can still revert back while the option lasts by following along with this quick tutorial . Over the next few days I'll be posting additional info about these changes and you're welcome to leave feedback and questions here as we explore this new area together.

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