The Psychology of Color

This week we've been studying the psychology of color in class and I must admit it's been fascinating. We learned all sorts of interesting information including various color philosophies and common uses.
Did you know we don't usually eat "gray" foods?
That pink (specifically Baker-Miller) is used to calm inmates in prisons?
Or that in a group of colored objects, you'll usually see the yellow object first?

While colors can be associated with many common ideas or factors, personal preferences, mood and experiences can affect a persons view of color as well.
I'm not sure what mood I was in while creating last week's assignment on complementary and split-complementary harmonies...

As a designer it's interesting to look back over my own work and wonder what was it that made me select "that" color or "this" one. I may not be able to understand the past, but having learned so much about color and it's psychological meanings, I've no doubt it will play a big role in noticing how I use it in the future.

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