Top Secret Project ~ revealed

Recently I had the pleasure of working on a "big" top secret project and I'm so excited to finally share it with you.  Not long ago a friend of a friend/customer contacted me, wanting to order a custom event banner for a birthday gift.  I was delighted at the opportunity  ~ I love being part of a surprise and it's always so much fun seeing my designs transition from digital to print.

Event banners are especially challenging in a number of ways ~ working on such a large scale can be very tricky as most elements blur when increased in size, so it's important to pay close attention to the full size results while working on the overall design aspects.  This means a lot view changes, back and forth between the two sizes, but when done right the end result is spectacular and worth the additional time.

I'm delighted to say the surprise gift was a huge success! And when I say "huge" it wound up being a whopping 6+ feet wide!!  Kim over at the Lazy Cowgirl loves her new banner and I'm absolutely thrilled with the photos she sent, shown above.  To find out more about my unique event banners just visit the Business Tools section in my Etsy shop or contact me.

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