Balancing Act

I've been out of commission a good bit of this week (yes, that last post was up way too long) and I'm so happy to be back!  It's been one of the strangest weeks ~ from power outages to flea bombs (trust me, don't ask) but I'm just happy to be back in the saddle again.

Being away from electronics for several days reminded me of the treasure of balance.  I tend to work f-a-a-a-r too much, yes it's because I'm trying to eek out an existence, but still, keeping a sense of balance in our lives is super important. 

Not being able to work or attend online classes I found myself going back to what I love most ~ again creating with my hands.  While the sun still provided light I created this multi-strand bracelet. It's one I've had in mind for ages and even had all the materials set aside, but just never had the time to work on. 

I'm glad it's finished and plan on fitting more of these into my weekly schedule, not because I need them to make money but simply because I love creating them.

So that's the scoop from my corner of blogland ~ I hope your week was much better than mine and you a wonderful weekend!