Customer Shout Outs

I'm so happy to share with you another selection Customer Shout Outs.  These are always the most fun to post about, not only because I have the joy of knowing there are several more items crossed off my ever increasing "To-Do" List but because I have the pleasure of spotlighting my wonderful customers.

For me there's nothing more amazing than watching these projects unfold because I never really know how they will turn out. Taking a customer's vision; their likes and interests, and putting it all together is as much a mystery to me as it is to them.  It's like watching a beautiful flower bloom without knowing what type of seed you've planted.

So here are some of my most recent customers ~ I hope you'll take the time to visit, check out their themes and get to know them better...

For this project the customer was already using one of my Etsy shop sets and wished to continue the theme over into several other realms included a selection of printed items.  From a Facebook cover image and mailing labels to packaging stickers and business cards this theme transitioned beautifully.

 customer's original logo above
This project began as a simple 2-sided business card. The customer contacted me to create a new business card using her existing logo.  Putting my own 3-D twist on her darling image I brought her enchanting crystal tree to life through a swirling magickal scene. 
Not long after that project she returned with a request for an event banner.  Although it was a challenge recreating these elements in a much larger format, as 3 inches doesn't always transition well into 4 feet, the end result was truly wonderful!

This customer was actually a winner for one of my previous customer's giveaways.  Carol of Craftingranny's Card Shack held a giveaway extravaganza earlier this year and chose one of my custom blog themes as a giveaway prize.  Working with the winner was a sheer delight and we both enjoy how the final product turned out.

This project involved turning a professional Reiki instructor's black and white "sacred contract" illustration to life through vivid colors.  Her requests were simply that the overall design stick to the original image and that it possess a glowing effect.  In the end I was as impressed with the outcome as she was since from a technical standpoint I created this in Photoshop rather than Illustrator.

This project was for a weekly blog event through the month of October to help spread the word for breast cancer awareness.  The task was to create an eye catching button that captured the theme centered around nail polish.  I chose to incorporate the pink ribbon into the actual polish and couldn't be happier with the outcome.

And finally we have this most recent blog theme which I previously posted about as the customer chose to gift me with a most beautiful poem.  This project was a sheer delight ~ weaving together a collection of spiritual elements and vintage ensemble seemed like a challenge at first but as with so many of my themes the pieces just seem to fall together so naturally and in the end it's nothing short of magick and divine inspiration.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share in my latest projects. There are many others I'm just finishing up with and so I hope to be sharing those very shortly in the coming weeks.