Spinning Straw Into Gold

There are many times that words fail me in life. Communication was something I had to learn along the way ~ first by learning to understand and speak my feelings through counseling and then by learning to write through reading beautifully written blogs filled with personal musings.  Still there are times when no matter how eloquently we learn to express ourselves the words simply fail us.

Reading over a blog post by one of my recent customers was just such a time.  Here is what she wrote...

 Spinning Straw Into Gold 

"Dear Sharon, this is my way of saying thank you for your generous heart.

Her passion is the muse of her authenticity

for she abounds in creativeness.

She offers a haven of diversity and choice.

Spinning straw into gold

with the radiance of her talent.
Her designs can be found both near and afar. 

From ancient to contemporary,
her vision is birthed. 

“Masters of the Past” and “Modern Woman,”

“Good Old Days, and “ Floral Tributes.”

Are but just a few.

She reminds me of a glorious floral garden

joyful and in full bloom. 

Always searching for a fresh perspective.

Whatever she does,
Spirit moves her.

Wherever she goes, her fragrance follows . . .
She is known as Sharon of Plumrose Lane

A place where she creates the dreams of others.

A woman whose spirit reflects love, light and laughter

An Extra-Ordinary woman I call friend."

Written for Sharon. © Copyright Carole ~ Lotus. October 21, 2012
 Circle of Bliss & Prayerful Gratitude.

I am the one who is truly honored and humbled beyond words.  I am so immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with such beautiful and creative souls. Thank you Carole.