In the Pink

Well October is upon us and as you might have guessed things are rather in the pink ~ that's Pink for October of course!  The website (pinkforoctober.org) is booming with visitors and views doubling daily.

Volunteers are stepping up to help out with popular social feeds (thank you, thank you, thank you) and the Inbox is simply bursting at the seems!  It's a wonderful time ~ a time to go pink, learn more, spread the word and help save a life.
White House going pink (whitehouse.gov)

From around the globe professionals and individuals are going pink!

Jackson City fountains go pink (wlbt.com)

Indeed, a sight to be hold!

At PinkforOctober.org, the drive is to turn the internet pink!  It's a cause started many years ago by my predecessor Matthew Oliphant and a torch I now carry. It's not a solo journey though ~ from the volunteers helping to run our Facebook and Twitter pages to contributing content to all of you who are turning pink ~ it's a mission and journey we can all share.

Case in point ~ my dear friend (and our greatest contributor over at P4O) Sherry of  finding the Fierce is doing a month long series on going pink.  Check out her October 1st kick off by clicking here.

So how do you get involved?  Simple ~ stop by the Pink for October website and grab some pink ~ a button, badge, or background to show your support for breast cancer awareness!  Then... spread the word ~ write a blog post, a Twitter shout, or share on Facebook and follow our feeds  Here are some links to help you find more pink:

Remember, this is about turning the internet pink for the month to help spread knowledge and awareness ~ this is not about making money or corporate sponsors.  Just us little guys helping to make a difference.