Creative Every Day Challenge

For the past several years I've posted about participating in the Creative Every Day Challenge and had set out with the best of intentions to actually participate. I'm not sure why I never did, whether it was feeling that my world of digital creations didn't quite fit into the other beautiful artistic imagery or if I was just too swamped with work, but whatever the case each year the badge remained a part of my Inspirational section, nothing more.

This year Leah of Creative Every Day is back again with more challenges and it's a really great way to work through a creative block or two.  Who wouldn't be inspired simply by Leah's gorgeous creations alone, as in the case of her painting for this month's challenge shown below?

I've decided to push through whatever fears or preconceptions I may have had and actually follow along this year and so this is my fist posting for that.  Participation is open to anyone and you can find out more by clicking the images or links above.

Challenge Theme Submission for "Dark"

The theme for January is "Dark" and I was surprised to find out that some people are uncomfortable with that word.  Personally I like the word dark because it makes me think of deep rich jewel tones and starry night skys filled with stars. 

In keeping with the later I've created a new blog theme titled Night Vision.  This theme is in a new style I'll be working with this year and while I'm still planning on creating the scrappy realistic themes I'm best known for, I also plan on incorporating more of these surreal themes into my repertoire.  I'm really excited about this new style and all the fun possibilities it holds. 

Leah breaks the challenges out by week and so this is my submission for this week, December 31st - January 6th.  I'm hoping with the addition of painting in my life that I'll also have a chance to play and submit something in paint for this as well.  To view the theme and all the goodies included just click the image or title link above.

A big thanks goes out to Leah for providing such a wonderful source of inspiration.  I can't wait to see the creativity unfold throughout the year!