I'm not sure what it is about this year but I think the word "outside" is going to find it's way into more of what I do. It's not the great outdoors I'm thinking of but more of that area beyond this little box I spend my time in. You know, the one we always think is so "comfortable".  Stepping outside of that area seems to be something I'm more willing to do these days.  Not completely, but certainly in ways I'm not accustomed to.
Case in point... I've joined a challenge ~ yeah, me.  While I've never participated in one, I've certainly admired all those pretty little creations I see bloggers postings about and sharing ~ from ATC cards to small keepsakes; they're enchanting, lovely little treasures. Personally I think there's nothing better than "handmade" ~ there's just something about taking the time to make something for someone else that stirs the soul.

The challenge is being offered through Caroline's Glitter Tart Designs (cute title, isn't is?!) and is called the "Winter Jar Swap". Gee even that title is cute ~ invoking all sorts of snowy faerie images!  The challenge is open to anyone who wants to join-in until the 15th of January and you can find out more by clicking the challenge title above.

I'm super excited about this new territory ~ from making my own to receiving one from someone else. I haven't a clue what I'll make but I know I'll have fun. I guess there's a little part of me that wonders how many "outside" stories I'll have to reflect on at the end of the year.  Tough to tell, but for now I'm just appreciating the process of "stepping out".