Important - New Updated Background Codes 2

Well the faeries and I are still racing against the clock over here, in an effort to update all of my backgrounds before they disappear from Photobucket.  If you're not sure what I'm referring to then you can check out the original posting, "The Bucket". 

So here are the latest updated PrL theme backgrounds ~ if you're using one of these background then I encourage you to switch-out the old background code for a new version.  Just click the link below to be taken to the theme's page where you'll find updated background codes...

By the Sea
Easter Blues
Hope Floats
Practical Magick
Rose Garden
School Daze
Stormy Weather
Sunnyside Up
Sweet Dreams
Time After Time
Tis the Season
Treasures of the Sea
Unchained Melody
Vintage Spring
Walk in the Woods
Whispers of Spring
White Seas
Winter Wonder

This list is the second posting so if you don't see the theme you're using named below you can either click to view the first posting, First Update Posting, or check back for upcoming postings. 

It's easy to update ~ just replace your old background code with the new code for your background size.  This change is taking place as this blog migrates over to a new website due to Photobucket's recent change with large image handling.

If you're using a Plumrose Lane background and do not see the theme title listed above then check back for upcoming announcements. All codes will be switched over before in the even they are deleted by Photobucket.