Important - New Updated Background Codes - just backgrounds

Still racing against the clock the faeries and I switched gears a bit today and updated some of the background codes in the "Just Backgrounds" section. This area is a tiny bit easier because it doesn't include having to redo any tags and that's a big time saver right now.  

So far, I've completed A - M in that area so if you're using a background code from one of the titles below, you'll want to update the code on your blog before it disappears.  

If you're not sure what I'm referring to then you can read over a few of my recent posts below this one and check out the original posting, "The Bucket". 

Updated "Just Backgrounds" titles are...
Black Night
Blueberry Crush
Bohemian Mist
Creative Experience
Emerald Dreams
Enchanted Corner
Feeling Bleu
Garden's Delight
Grand Marquee
Harvest Moon
In Gear
Letters Home
Morning Mist
Morning Sunshine

It's easy to update ~ just replace your old background code with the new code for your background size.  This change is taking place as this blog migrates over to a new website due to Photobucket's recent change with large image handling.

If you're using a Plumrose Lane background and do not see the theme title listed above then check back for upcoming announcements. All codes will be switched over before in the even they are deleted by Photobucket.