Now Designing for...

Through the chaotic month of February I had the pleasure of getting a small break and doing something new ~ designing for an digital magazine.  I had contacted the owner last year, but as is the case with so many things, this project popped up in my life just at the right time.

Learning the world of online ezine designing was something entirely new for me. While I've had some training in college classes, it's always a different thing when we get a chance to put that book learned knowledge to actual use and I'm happy to say that I found designing page spreads to be creative, technical, and super fun!

So this month you can find some of my newest handiwork in Pagan Living magazine.  I had the pleasure of designing a few of the articles including "For the Birds", "A Mad Hatter Tea", and "Well Dressing", as well as the "Inspiring Notions" page.

Being a contributor meant that I also needed to come up with a one page ad and since I'm no slogan queen, I enlisted the help of my son, the resident writer and English major. We had fun working on it together and I give full credit to him for the catchy opening phrase...

Aside from my own design work, I really enjoy reading this magazine.  I'd flipped through it a few times in the past, supporting some of my customers and friends who've contributed, but now I sit down and take my time reading through the pages and that's a good thing. As a not-wannabe workaholic, it's good for me to take some time for myself.   The newest issue has only just come out but at first glance some of my favorite short musings are the spread on Rhubarb ~ always wanted to try it, and the beautiful d-i-y handcrafted flower light sets ~ I totally want these in my bedroom(!).  

My hats off to the all of the contributors and especially the editor Tenae who juggles not only this publication but a busy personal life of college and work.  It's really a pleasure being associated with hard working and very creative souls, and working with Tenae was a sheer delight. I've no doubt this young studious go-getter will go far in this world and help spread the word for things she loves and believes in.  I hope you'll give Pagan Living a look-see ~ you can find it on issuu at this link: