Losing a Friend

We lost a good friend in blogland today ~ Linda of Stealing Mom lost her courageous battle with lung cancer.  Linda was one of those remarkable souls who touched our lives ~ filling our hearts with laughter and gratitude at every turn.

I knew her first as a customer but Linda quickly became a dear friend.  It was her warm generous heart that always seemed to find the happier side of personal experiences that will have the most lasting affect on my heart and mind.  I admired her courage as she moved through the beginning stages of cancer treatment, sharing thoughts and feelings with a sensitive personal insight, laced with humor, grace, and a perpetual sense of gratitude.

It's always so striking to me how profound an affect someone can have on our lives, even if we never meet them in person.  I will finally have the chance to "meet" my friend on Friday when I say goodbye to her in person but like the best of friendships it's one I know will never truly die.  I have no doubt Linda is spreading her own joyous sense of humor and kindness in that vast blogland up above and for all of us still her I can say wholeheartedly that we will miss you very, very much.