Winter Jar Swap

A while back I announced that I was going to participate in my very first challenge and found this fun Winter Jar Swap through Glitter Tart Designs.  Today is the big day where we share what we created and received so we go...

Even with the wonderful challenge theme it was tough nailing down exactly what to create and so I allowed the project to take it's own direction. Finding that most of the winter items had been removed from my local craft store I chose to go in a "do-it-yourself" direction and made most of what I used.

What I wound up creating was a wintery scene of fairies in the woods...

First I lined the jar with a coating of "frost" throughout the inside of the glass, leaving only a small oval "viewing" area.  Then I added moss to create a hidden wooded feel which I frosted with white paint and shimmering glitter.  Using dowels, moss, paint, and glitter, I created a selection of small trees to add a sense of depth and dimension to the scene.  A small "frozen pond" cut out of glitter paper was added as a focal point in the scene.

Next I created a selection of tiny faeries which I printed and cut out, placing them in different locations throughout the scene.  Along side the "pond" I used a rusted antique key as a found object, wrapped with golden wire and a few small shimmering crystals. This provided a resting place for the faeries, along with a few natural gemstones as "rocks" to frame the pond.

On the outside I added some finishing touches, including paper "silhouettes", mesh flowers, snowflakes and vintage jeweled pieces.  While putting the final touches on everything a poem came to mind and so I included that with the completed package as well.

The second part of the swap was receiving the jar someone else made for me and that was equally as exciting.  Like any blank canvas the options are endless so I had no clue what to expect. My partner created a darling winter scene with a polar bear nestled in a glittery, wintery scene.

The touches of deep red flowers and grass blades she added were a perfect compliment to the cool green, white and silvery elements she used throughout.  I've been fond of polar bears for a long time ~ to me they're a symbol of tremendous strength yet still dependent upon our actions as caretakers of this planet.

I love that my partner included the swap title and her name, handwritten at the top. I didn't think to include this in my own creation and I think it's a great way to mark these different creative events.

This challenge was super fun and I really enjoyed reaching out of my usual comfort zone to create something whimsical and fun and the joy of receiving a  handmade gift from another creative soul.